Colonial was presented with the 2015 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award. GM has recognized its prominent suppliers with this honor and have set the bar, to almost impossible to achieve…it is documented that only 7% of production suppliers worldwide achieve this level of quality excellence. If this is your first time reading about the award, then please note that as a supplier, one must undergo 13 rigorous quality points and must show above standard performance. The standards to be met included:

  • Zero late deliveries
  • No plant disruptions or unauthorized changes
  • BIQS Level III or higher certification
  • Zero official customer complaints (PRR’s) for 12 months
  • Quality performance of less than 1 defective part per million (PPM) shipped

“We are truly blessed and honored to be recognized for this pristine award for our commitment to quality and customer service by General Motors,” states Cathy Roberts, CEO of Colonial Plastics, Inc. “By achieving this, has proven that our quality standards, day in and day out are working and accomplishing this award has now become a new goal for us each year.”