Prototype Tooling

With over 30 years of hands on experience building molds, Colonial Mold, Inc. is able to complete prototype tools in days or weeks rather than months. Our rapid prototype program along with Colonial Consulting, Inc. has the ability to build molds which fit the customer’s budget and timeline. Please keep in mind in most cases we can take your prototype mold and turn it into a hybrid mold that will fulfil your production requirements.

Colonial Mold, Inc. is capable of manufacturing simple open-shut mold as well as complex prototype tooling with automated functions. Colonial Mold, Inc. houses a wide range of CNC milling, turning and EDM capabilities to deal with any complex designs our customers may have.

Colonial Mold, Inc. has the ability to build prototype molds from 25 to 4400 tons. Prototype molds can be made out of aluminum, mild steel, P20, stainless steel, fixture plank, wood, SLA, Silicone.

Our Rapid Prototype division focuses on extremely short delivery dates, staying within the budget, product development, design for manufacturability and production intent.

Colonial Mold, Inc. has an ACUTE Division for the customer that needs emergency services; just give us a call.

Please contact us today to get your program started today.