Hybrid Tooling

As one of our valued services, Colonial Mold, Inc. has the ability to supply hybrid molds (hybrid = aluminum infused with steel). This allows our customers to save money on tooling and gets you to market before your competition. All of our hybrid molds achieve shorter cycle time than we do with steel. With hybrid molds you can use various materials, poly-pro all the way to glass filled nylon. The material will define the amount of parts you can attain. Please keep in mind there are limitations on hybrid tooling so please give us a call and we will be more than happy to enlighten you.

We can build virtually any hybrid mold; mono, metal over molding, plastic over molding, 2 shot molds, 2 shot rotary molds, interior parts, exterior parts and most non-automotive parts, etc.. And if you choose we can run all of these molds for you in our IATF-16949 molding facility.

Colonial Mold, Inc. has an ACUTE Division for the customer that needs emergency services; just give us a call.

Colonial Mold, Inc. has 15 plus years of experience with hybrid tooling and can save you millions of dollars on your next project.