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Colonial Mold Inc.

Colonial Mold is Colonial Group’s plastic mold design and building division. This facility operates 24/7 and is capable of manufacturing, assembling, repairing, maintaining and designing molds and fixtures for production, prototype and service programs.

Colonial Plastics Inc.

Colonial Plastics is Colonial Group’s plastic mold injection division. This facility operates 24/7 and is capable of manufacturing, assembling and shipping quality parts.
Colonial Plastics, Inc. is a Certified Woman Owned Business and is IATF-16949 registered.

Colonial Consulting Inc.

Colonial Consulting is Colonial Group’s consulting division which helps customer plan and prepare for each step of the mold injection process. The diligent planning and preparing executed by our staff, helps customers save time and money on each stage of the program.

Certificates And Awards

Women Owned

Proudly operating, Michigan based, small and minority-owned business…

Certificate #2005121118


Quality Control

Always achieving the highest level of quality to protect our customers…

IATF 16949 Registered


Innovative Awards

Always ahead of the competition with innovation and technology…

Most Innovative Use Of Plastics


List Of Services


Aluminum Prototypes
Blow Molds
CNC Die & Mold Making
Compression Molds
Hybrid Molds
Hybrid Tooling
Two Shot Molds
Two Shot Tooling
Production Machining
Prototype Parts
Rapid Prototyping


Hybrid Parts
Injection Molding
Low Volume Production
High Volume Production
Production Parts
Robotic Assembly
Robotic Production
Rotary Two Shot Molding
Service Parts
Two Shot Production


Consulting on Part Assemblies
Consulting on Part Design
Consulting on Tooling
Design and Engineering
Mock Up & Verification
Program Management

Decorative Molding

Aluminum Over-Molding
Decorative In-Molding
Printing on Aluminum

Who Is Colonial Group, Inc.

Colonial Group, Inc. is committed to consistently providing products and services that meet or exceed all requirements and expectations by:

• Believing that meeting the highest standards is not a job, but a tradition
• Continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Colonial Group, Inc. is committed to consistently providing products and services that meet or exceed all requirements and expectations by:

Our certifications for the QMS standards have been in place as long as QS/TS and ISO existence. Our dedication to quality continues, recently updating to IATF-16949:2016 and acheiving GM’s highest quality of excellence award, 4 years running!

Our Comprehensive Quality Program is practiced through all stages of the manufacturing process including:

• Feasibility Assessments
• Capacity Planning
• Control Planning
• Consistent setup and operation of processes to production plans
• Testing and training plans designed for each product compliance to applicable standards
• Inspections of all products by Quality Assurance Personnel
• Final Inspection prior to shipment
• Regular feedback on performance, issues, and improvement plans is gathered and acted upon to continuously improve our operations and customer experience
• OEM Compliant Procurement’s Practices
• Sustainability Concerned
• Measured Quality Objectives
• 3 yearly Improvement Plans that add value to our products and services
• Our Employee Involvement Program
• Internal and External Audits designed to include all employees in the application of our quality

The disciplines outlined have proven to be the cornerstones of Colonial Groups rapid growth and success in today’s demanding global Markets.

With Colonial, there is no finger pointing within our group like you normally get when you go to a design house, mold builder and injection molder. We not only design the product, we manufacture all of our own tooling in-house; as well as produce and assemble the parts all the while using the same philosophy, “give the customer more than they asked for”.
Founded in 1985, Colonial Group, Inc. has developed a superior presence in plastic injection molding division of the manufacturing sector. Colonial Group has achieved this status by establishing strong relationships with its clients, providing high precision data on all projects, successfully completing intricate injection molding and multi-step assemblies programs, controlling multi-million dollar programs for its clients, and always delivering above and beyond customer expectation. CLICK HERE to read more
Colonial Group is one of few remaining businesses that control every step of your program during the process. We understanding our customers and their business, which allows Colonial Group the ability to develop unique programs to address specific customer requirements and needs. At Colonial Group we focus on delivering the full manufacturing package from beginning to the end. By hiring experienced personal and using data gathered from previous programs we’re able to save our clients money through statistical analysis. Colonial Group’s dedication to continuous improvement brings value to each program and client we undertake, giving us the advantage to deliver.
  • ABC Group (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – CO1605
  • Alpine (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 60004515
  • BorgWarner Thermo Sys. (Col. Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 301092
  • Case New Holland (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – JF171
  • Chrysler (Colonial Mold, Inc. – Tooling) – 97889
  • Chrysler (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 13476
  • Chrysler Daimler (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – ET29
  • Donaldson (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 37972
  • Flex N Gate (Colonial Mold, Inc. – Tooling) – COL100
  • Ford (Colonial Mold, Inc. – Tooling) – CDFLA
  • Ford (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – AUNTA
  • Formed Fiber (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 104822
  • Freightliner (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – ET29
  • GE (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – CM160A
  • GM (Colonial Mold, Inc. – Tooling) – Duns# – 147195275
  • GM (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – Duns# – 848372038
  • GM (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – SPO Source#: 05163
  • GM Components Holding (Colonial Mold, Inc. – Tooling) – 1016284
  • GM Z Code (Colonial Mold, Inc. – Tooling) – BJP5
  • GM Z Code (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – BM3T
  • Goodrich Cabin Sys. (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 00313
  • Henkel (Colonial Mold, Inc. – Tooling) – 260591
  • Henkel (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 374658
  • Hutchinson (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 86-0412
  • Johnson Control (Colonial Mold, Inc. – Tooling) – 50020680
  • Key Safety (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – MFG4447
  • Magna (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 05224
  • Nexteer (Colonial Mold, Inc. – Tooling) – Vend # 20005123
  • Nissan (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – C750
  • Robert Bosch (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 97201807
  • S Group (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 50000146
  • TRW (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 236981
  • Unicar Plastics (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 10851
  • Volkswagen (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – 848372038
  • Wixom Technologies (Colonial Plastics, Inc. – Production) – COLO
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