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Founded in 1985, Colonial Group’s team consists of Colonial Mold, Inc., Colonial Consulting, Inc. and Colonial Plastics, Inc. Colonial Group, Inc. is dedicated to designing and developing the highest quality product possible. Colonial Group is a Tier 1 Manufacturer with a superior presence in the Plastic Injection Mold Industry.

Colonial Group ensures each program we embark on is successful and complete whether it is a unique design idea, simple prototype, intricate injection molding, two shot molding or multi-step assembly program. Colonial Group controls multi-million dollar programs for our clients always delivering above and beyond customer expectation. Colonial Group is able to save money for our clients through statistical analysis, establishing strong client relationships and provide high precision data on all projects that successfully launch projects into production.

There is no finger pointing within our group like you normally get when you go to a design house, mold builder and injection molder. We not only design the product, we manufacture all of our own tooling in-house; as well as produce and assemble the parts all the while using the same philosophy “give the customer more than they asked for”.

Colonial Mold, Inc.

Our staff at the Colonial Mold combines traditional experience with evolving 21st century manufacturing best practices. Colonial Mold ensures that our staff; from the plant personnel to the highest level of our manufacturing team provides high precision data on all projects.

Colonial Plastics, Inc.

Colonial Plastics newest injection molding facility combines all new Cincinnati Milacron Injection Molding Machines (both mono and rotary two shot) with 5 axis robots on top of the presses and 6 axis robots assembling the parts between them. We have achieved very high quality ratings while reducing scrap all while combining industry-leading technology and a strong client focus. Colonial Plastics understands their customers and their business needs.

Colonial Consulting, Inc.

We bring value to each program using our Design for Manufacturing Classes and continuous improvement. With 30 years of business know-how we can help you reduce, if not eliminate engineering changes while reducing the piece price and decreasing the cycle time. Let us take your project from concept to production with no finger pointing you normally get when you go with three or four separate companies.

Colonial Plastics, Inc. is a Certified Woman Owned Business and is IATF-16949 registered.